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  Harmonica Ensemble SORARMONICA

We, the SORARMONICA, are the leading Slovene group of harmonica players, recognized also as one of notable bigger European ensembles of the harmonica branch. From the year 2016 our Harmonica Concert Ensemble works as the autonomous Cultural Society SORARMONICA in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Our collective is constituted by four women and four men, the enthusiastic music lovers  of various professions and generations. We started to play together at the end of March 2013, following work of a year and a half earlier established group with the same name, now completed with a few more harmonica players from different parts of Slovenia. Sometimes our ensemble plays with added guitar and/or violin, for bigger projects amplified also by string quartet. During a rather short time of our existence we count a rich number of appearances at different occasions, at different places and different countries: Slovenia, Croatia, France, Germany, Estonia, Great Britain, Italy, Taiwan. Special interesting whole evening concerts we perform in the church's sacred ambiences. A few of the members play some other instruments too, which enriches our repertoire, designed by music from the old to the new classical as well as the artistical arrangements of folk and light music, written mostly by Vladimir Hrovat, our conductor and a member at the same time.

The first bigger international experience we met as a successful participation at the World Harmonica Festival 2013 in Trossingen/Germany, where, among two competitions, we led off the Open Stage and gave the last concert of the Festival at the German Harmonica Museum. The appearance at the Estonian Pärnu Harmonica Festival and the competition BALTIC-NORDIC OPEN 2014 brought us three medals, and the Festival's Farewell Concert in historic Ammende Villa, which was entirely left for SORARMONICA to carry out, was reveiwed by Festival's director: »….. The musicians shined in their full glory at the concert. Performing in different configurations of groups, the concert hall was filled with an emotional and holy atmosphere …. as SORARMONICA is one of the few groups that can perform the demanding classical repertoire with a large and bright cast at a high artistic level.« Complied with invitation to participate the next Festival in the year 2015, at the competitions we won gold, silver and bronze medal, as well as the Grand Prix – The Best of  the Best and the money award of Estonian Ministry of Culture.

From 23rd to 25th October of the same year 2015 we joined also to the Bristol International Harmonica Festival and as the contestants we got three times Players of the year, one second and two third places, we were special guests at the Saturday Evening Gala Concert and led two workshops about playing classical music as solo and the group. The main judge (David Beer) impressed by Ravel's Bolero wrote: »It was fantastic to hear this great piece played so well. Very well done!« And than came the year 2016: after the incredible contents of the invitation of the Organizing Committee of the 11th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2016 in Hsinchu/Taiwan, we made every efforts to fulfill this extraordinary challenge and join to the Festival. Our ten days of being together far away from home was really a special experience,  and the event of Taiwan was simply marvellous. Not only the admirable large six days festival with so many, the thousends of people, where we joined to some competitions, played in one of the Gala Concerts and presented Slovene music at the half-hour Open Stage Slovenia. Kindness of local people at every step, grateful audience at our concert in the frame of Friday Night Concerts in Grace Baptist Church in the center of the Capital City of Taipei, surprising good food at the banquets in diferent kinds of restaurants day by day … Yes, all of this was very nice for sure! We're watching to the next adventures …


Before the expedition to the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival we imposed ourself a task to make a CD to take it with. So we realised our project entitled SORARMONICA – The Harmonica Concert Ensemble – In The World Of Classics; with Chinese titles as well. Music from Gallus of Renaissance, Bach, Mozart, Schumann and some others, to Ravel's Bolero, which is one in number of half pieces recorded live in concert. Good and successful decision. Next time we probably take easier thematic with arranged folk and/or light music.

Review of  CD by David Beer (published in the journal HARMONICA WORLD, Dec/Jan 2017)


I completed violin studies and for the most of the years of my violin career had been employed as a member of the Slovene National Radio-Television Symphony Orchestra. In addition to the violin I play a number of other instruments too (accordion, tenor-banjo, bass-guitar etc.), appearing most often as a classical concert soloist on the mandolin and above all with my special love - the harmonica.

My solo work includes numerous concert appearances as well as audio and video recordings accompanied by the international recognized artists, and frequently by the symphony orchestra. All this I completed till now with my own four CD's published by the national Radio-television Slovenia house production.

I’m a member of Society of Slovene Composers, and many of compositions from my wide palette of varied choral, soloist, chamber and orchestral music have won awards and have been published and performed in Slovenia and abroad as well.






Born in Gorenjska, the north-western part of Slovenia, now I live with my family in the middle-eastern part, and all this is not too far from Ljubljana, the capital city. Professionally I am Master of Science in the field of civil engineering.

My musical way began with the study of piano playing in the school of music in my birth-place of Kranj. For my 26th anniversary my father surprised me with his gift, the chromatic harmonica and payed education at the seminar led by Vladimir Hrovat. The participation at the seminar bore fruits, so Vladimir invited me many times to share different kinds of events. After his initiative the maiden group called The Masques was constituted, where I played with three more girls together. But for the young mothers it was hard to set the time tables of rehearsals and appearances, so we played for the last time in the year 2011. Desire for playing harmonica remained, so I was happy about the possibility to join the group of Sorarmonica.

Besides playing harmonica, I take care about the ensemble's administration and high spirits.




































































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