The ensemble's repertoire is based upon music from different periods and different genres. In its field of so-called serious music we find the music from Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism, Impressionism to the contemporary music. The repertoire includes also a bit more exacting arrangements of folk and light music as well. A few members play some other instruments too, and depend on style and form of arrangements, many times the different kinds of music interweave and supplement as in the frame of ensemble itself as in collaboration with the other performers, special wellcome string quartet.

Examples of collaboration with string quartet
Antonio Vivaldi – TWO TRUMPETS CONCERTO – two soloistic harmonicas, with added guitar as Basso Continuo
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – ANDANTE, K 315 – solo harmonica with added harmonica quartet playing the roles of two oboes and two French horns
Nikolai Rimsky-Korssakow – THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE-BEE – with solo harmonica

Collaboration with organ
Bach-Gounod – AVE MARIA –  tutti
Franz Schubert – AVE MARIA – solo harmonica

Autonomic classical repertoire (examples)
Jacobus Gallus – TEMPORE FELICI – tutti
OMNIA VINCIT AMOR – sextet or tutti
Johann Sebastian Bach – AIR (Suite No. 3, D-dur/D-Major, BWV 1068) – tutti
CHORAL (Cantata BWV 147) – tutti
Anonimus – FIVE OLD FRENCH MINUETS – tutti
Anonimus – SPANISH ROMANCE – 2 harm. & guitar
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – AVE VERUM CORPUS – tutti
SERENADE IN C, K 439 b – harm. trio
Nicoló Paganini – FANFARE (XIV Violin Capr.) – tutti or trio
Robert Schumann – DREAMINGS – tutti
Franz Liszt – CONSOLATION – harm. quintet
Anton Förster – THE EVENING AVE – harm. quartet
Jules Massent – THAÏS – MEDITATION – solo & piano
Claude Debussy – SYRINX – harm. solo
Maurice Ravel – BOLERO – tutti
Bela Bartòk – ROUMANIAN DANCES – harm. solo & guit., or tutti (belongs to the folk music as well)
Samuel Barber – ADAGIO, Op. 11 – tutti
Vladimir Hrovat – ESTONIAN PIPES – tutti (belongs to the folk music as well)

Folk, ethno-music (arr. – V.  Hrovat):
I'LL BUY A HILL – tutti
RIPE IS THE CORN - solo & chord harm. 
I'VE PLAYED MOUTH ORGAN  (V.S.Avsenik) – harm. quartet
THE TRUMPET ECHO  (V.S.Avsenik) – tutti
Croatia (Dalmatia)
FISHERMAN – harm. sextet
Middle European Traditional - THE CLARINET POLKA -  solo & chord harm.
Romania – see previous chapter
Estonia – see previous chapter
France – BROTHER JACOB - AVISO – tutti
Scotland – AMAZING GRACE – tutti
Bolivia – EL CONDOR PASA – tutti
Taiwan – TAIWANESE MOON LUTE – tutti
Israel – HITRAG'UTharm. sextet

Light music (arr. V. Hrovat):
Johann & Joseph Strauss – PIZZICATO POLKA – tutti
Johann Strauss – ON THE BEAUTIFUL BLUE DANUBE – tutti
Richard Rodgers – EDELWEISS – tutti
Barclay Allen – CUMANÀ – female harmonica trio
S. de Iradier – LA PALOMA – two harm. & guitar
John Lennon-Paul McCartney (The Beatles) – Three romantic pieces: MICHELLE – tutti, ALL MY LOVING – quartet, YESTERDAY – solo & guit.
Metallica – NOTHING ELSE MATTERS – tutti
Stig Rӓsta - GOODBYE TO YESTERDAY (Estonian Eurovision-Song 2015) - cromatic & single bass harm. with guit. or piano accomp.



Before the expedition to the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival we imposed ourself a task to make a CD to take it with. So we realised our project entitled SORARMONICA – The Harmonica Concert Ensemble – In The World Of Classics; with Chinese titles as well. Music from Gallus of Renaissance, Bach, Mozart, Schumann and some others, to Ravel's Bolero, which is one in number of half pieces recorded live in concert. Good and successful decision. Next time we probably take easier thematic with arranged folk and/or light music.

Review of  CD by David Beer (published in the journal HARMONICA WORLD, Dec/Jan 2017)


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